What to Pack In Your Carry-on

Whether you are traveling international or short-term domestic, it is important to consider what items you will bring in you carry-on bag. You may be thinking I will just grab my suitcase to be checked and bring my everyday briefcase or purse as a carry-on. However, there are certain essentials, necessary documents and products you should be sure to have with you at all times. Read through this list as you are packing for your next flight:


Keep ID, money and wallet in your carry-on bag at all times. Losing your ID is not fun if possible, bring multiple forms of identification. Medications should also be stored in your carry-on bag, and not just a day’s worth. If your checked bag gets lost for three days, you could be without medication until it arrives. Bring an empty water bottle that you can fill up after you pass through security. It is also a great idea to bring with vitamin + electrolytes packets to avoid getting sick.


Boarding pass, passport and a form of identification are all no-brainers for traveling. Be sure to bring a copy of your complete itinerary and a copy of any transportation or accommodation plans you have made for upon arrival. If you are traveling internationally you will need to have the physical address of where you will be staying for immigration forms. It is also a great idea to bring printouts confirming tickets you paid for electronically just to be safe.


Having fun and relaxing is always important too. Laptop, iPod, Kindle, books, magazines, and children’s toys are all great ways to keep busy on your flight.


Ear plugs and eye masks come in handy for international or long flights. Even if your flight is not too lengthy, ear plugs and eye masks can come in handy for flights packed with small children. If you do indeed have a far commute, try to bring an oral sleep aid and your own pillow.


If you checked your bag you are probably thinking why clothes? Just in case, your bag gets lost it is always a great idea to have a clean pair of underwear and change of clothes until your bag is returned to you.

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