How To Fly Stress-Free Over The Holidays

Planning a visit to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving or a vacation to California over Christmas? Wherever you are heading, you need to realize everyone in the world is traveling too. Holiday traveling can be very expensive, busy and stressful, especially at the airport. Don’t let security scanners and long lines get you down. We have tips to help make your holiday travels stress-free:

1. Avoid Peak Travel Dates:

At Thanksgiving, Wednesday is the critical outbound day to “avoid”. At Christmas and New Year’s, the peak travel dates change each year depending on which days the holidays fall on. Traveling the day of a holiday is often more affordable; cut-rate airfare deals are common. If you can fly home any day other than a Sunday, you will likely save money.

2. Shop Around:

Whether you’re using booking sites like Priceline, Kayak or Travelocity, never settle. Comparison shopping has never been easier until now. For many travelers, price is not the most important factor, especially during the holidays. Finding a flight time that corresponds with your work or school schedule can be stressful. A thoughtful, deliberate use of the features found on many travel websites can greatly decrease time spent searching for the perfect flight.

3. Plot Connections Carefully:

During the winter months, peak travel times often bring peak travel delays, jeopardizing connecting flights. It is important to keep the harsh winter weather in mind and plan enough time for flight delays between layovers. When possible try to schedule connections in a place where winter weather delays are less likely.

4. Leave Early:

During peak travel times, such as the holiday season, much of the trouble you’ll experience lies on the side of the security check-in. Allow yourself more than enough time to navigate through the airport and to your assigned gate. Arriving at the airport 2 hours before your flight is typically a good rule of thumb. For the holiday season I would add an additional 30 minutes, you never truly know what to expect over the holidays.

Piccadilly Inn Airport wishes you safe travels, Happy Holidays and a great New Year!


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