Travel With Air Miles

You may already use credit cards to pay for everyday expenses. Now consider using a credit card to earn free points that can be redeemed for airfares, hotels, and cash! How can this be? Credit card companies partner with various travel brands or travel brands offer their own cards ultimately to you – the new customer. In exchange, the customer qualifies for sign up bonuses, loyalty points, discounts, and more! This is very enticing or frequent travelers or those who want to travel on a budget.

Sign Up Bonuses!

You may be shocked to see the amount of points you can earn just for signing up in addition to the amount to bonus points you can earn in the first few months of using your new card. If a free U.S. flight is your goal, be sure to search for a card that offers sign up bonuses!

Points Per Dollar

Most credit cards offer points per dollar spent. Look for a credit card that will give extra points for shopping at specific retailers and that has a low required minimum spending. These cards are meant to get people to be loyal, so expand your search to a competitor if the perks aren’t grabbing your attention.

Annual Fees

At first glance, a card with no annual fee may be your first choice, but consider the fact that the savings you rack up will more than pay for a card’s annual fee. A card with a fee; for example $50-$95 per year, will offer better rewards and better access to services.

Which Credit Card Should You Get?

Before deciding on a card, first determine why you want to use the card and go from there. Perhaps you want to be brand loyal. Maybe you want to milk the card for its free rewards or are looking to avoid fees when traveling internationally. Start with a goal and look for the cards that get you too that goal. Happy trails!


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