How To Be A Traveling Foodie

You can’t remember the last time you visited a food chain. You love street food. You eat with your eyes and your taste buds. You’re not afraid to order something new. You don’t have a “usual” menu pick. Maybe you’re a foodie and you didn’t know it!

What Is A Foodie?

A foodie is someone who has a deep interest in not only food, but also the back-story of what they are eating. Consider the history and the production beyond the plate. While foodies love food, they are also interested in exploring a wide range of tastes, flavors, and textures.

How Do You Say This?

It’s OK if you can’t pronounce what you’re eating, as long as you love to eat it and are inspired to learn all about it. Pick apart what’s amazing by examining texture, temperature, color, and blend of flavor! Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the menu!

Are You On Instagram?

You’re half way there! Rich food photos are a great addition to your foodie diary. They’ll also help you remember what you’ve already tried and where you’ve been. The next time you’re traveling, be sure to snap a few food photos so that you can share it with your followers using only the most appetizing filter.

There’s an app for that!

So you’re ready to find the best places in your travel destination. Dive into a few Yelp reviews as a starting point to find what’s nearby and is known to have good eats. You may also be able to see photos of potential meals, which may really help you decide. Beyond Yelp there’s a library of apps you can download from the app store to help you narrow down specific plates or great locations by city. Don’t forget you can certainly ask the locals for the low down on their favorites too!

Dig In!

Surely you will find a few favorites and a few not so appetizing meals. Have fun and grab a fork, spoon, a plate, and dig in! Maybe your vacation isn’t long enough to satisfy all the plates you want to eat. That’s ok! You can take your foodie habits to your hometown!


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