Pricey Airline Tickets

While you may reap many benefits from travel such as relaxation, fun, knowledge, and experience, cost of travel can haunt you and even alter your plans.

Will your flight take up the majority of your travel budget?

Airlines have partnered up with each other, and this means there is less competition and less need for rock bottom pricing. When airlines merge or have gone bankrupt, the use of low fares to promote your business has mostly disappeared.

Why else is my airplane ticket costing so much?

Let’s also take a look at the price of airline fuel. It costs $2.97 per gallon compared to 55 cents in 1996! This increase in fuel price has been passed on to you, the consumer. Less flights available equal fuller planes, more passenger revenue and fewer costs for the airlines. You are likely to see ticket prices rise and fall based on the demand for seats.

Can I still find a cheap flight?

Yes! Airlines will ask you to be flexible.

• Travel Dates- it’s typically cheaper to fly mid week rather than the weekend.
• Holidays- Pack up before or after major holidays.
• Flight Times- The early bird gets the worm! Late night flights are also cheaper.
• Destinations- You may find a better deal if you are willing to book a flight with a stop or land in a neighboring airport.
• Multiple Airlines- Comparison websites can help you explore rates and view multiple route options using more than one airline option.
• Student Discounts- There are many student discounts available and frequent flier programs. Investing time into research could save you in the long run.

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