Home Safety Over Thanksgiving

Are you traveling over Thanksgiving weekend? Before you hit the road, it is important to take precautions in your own home to protect your belongings while you and your family is gone. Aside from the base security system, there are additional things you can do to increase your home safety over Thanksgiving, such as holding mail or getting a house sitter.

Mail: If a burglar is looking to rob a home, they may look for overflowing mail or a stack of newspapers on the driveway or front porch. Take the time to have the post office hold your mail or have a neighbor come and pick it up so that these signs aren’t obvious to any potential burglar.

Social Media: It may be tempting to post about your trip often, but don’t make it too clear your exact travel plans. If you do want to post something, make sure that it is on a private setting, especially if it is obvious that you are out of town.

House Sitter: A house sitter can be a great way to protect your home during the holidays. They can get the mail, turn on and off lights, watch any pets you have, and more. Having a “home security guard” will give you peace of mind while you are out of town for a while. In addition to a house sitter, find out if you have a neighborhood watch program and if you do, alert them that you will be out of town.

Security System: Clearly it is important to have a security system in your home, particularly if you travel frequently. If you do not have one in place, you may want to consider this, even if it is an inexpensive version.

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy being with family, eat great food, and more. Don’t spend your time worrying about your home when you travel over Thanksgiving with these tips!

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