Fall Travel in the United States

Now that it is September, there are some cities that are better to travel to than others. Fall travel in the United States is great, because there are so many beautiful things to see, and places to go that won’t be too hot or too cold! From the west coast to the east coast, and everywhere in between, there is something to see in every state. However, there are definitely some places that are truly great to see in the fall!

Denver, Colorado: Anyone who has spent time in Denver can attest to its beauty and how many great things there are to do. In the fall, the bike trails are a comfortable temperature and full of fall foliage, plus you can’t go wrong with the Great American Beer Festival or the Denver Oktoberfest!

New York City: This may seem a bit tourist-y, but it is worth it! One walk in Central Park with fall colors will have you grinning from ear to ear. Aside from the many places to go in New York City, there are plenty of other parks and the High Line to check out. In addition, food trucks are a must in the fall!

Midwest Cities: Midwest cities are known for their bitter winters. However, places such as Chicago, Minneapolis, and Madison are absolutely gorgeous in the early fall! With parks, shopping, great food, and more, they are all worth a trip! Chicago has a host of museums, a free zoo, inventive restaurants, and much more, all of which are perfect for the fall season.

California Cities: From Santa Barabara to San Diego to Fresno, California is actually a great place to visit in the fall! Many think of summer as the best time to visit, but for those that want a bit milder weather, yet still warm, come to California between September and November! Here at Piccadilly Inn Airport, we can assist you in finding the best places in and near Fresno to visit this fall!

Fall travel in the United States is actually a great idea! Unlike summer, it becomes less tourist-y, and travel is often less expensive. If you do decide on a fall Fresno trip, contact Piccadilly Inn Airport!

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