Don’t Break Your Diet On Vacation

You may imagine a vacation as lounging on a warm beach while sipping a fruity cocktail. For others, you may imagine a hiking trek through the Grand Canyon. Maybe you’ll find yourself in the heart of a big city tasting the BBQ scene. No matter where your travels will take you, odds are your intake of food will change from your normal routine and food selections. Whether you are actively on a diet plan or simply are consciences of your daily nutrition and don’t want to overdo it while on vacation, here’s a few tips for a healthy nutrition plan on vacation:

Don’t Splurge:

Watch out for liquid calories and junk. Alcoholic drinks, other beverages such as soda or milkshakes, and tempting snacks and treats tend to be high in sugar, high in calories, and have little benefit towards a healthy nutrition. For that, we suggest consuming these items with a purpose, perhaps when celebrating a holiday or attending a specific event rather than at any mealtime.


If you do want to splurge and indulge in the “I’m on vacation!” attitude, try to make 80% of your meals healthy and eat whatever you want for the other 20% of your meals.

Eat Real Food:

Make an effort to eat fruits and vegetables everyday. It will add filling and satisfaction to your meals and provide you with fiber. Eat nuts, meats, fish, and quality foods from natural sources.

Good Meal, Bad Meal:

Never eat two bad meals in a row. A poor diet can easily become a poor habit. If you have already planned a night of celebrating and indulging, go ahead and start your day with a healthy breakfast. If dinner will be massive, skip lunch or eat a light snack. Intermittent fasting can be beneficial.

Activities Can Feel Like Exercise:

Take advantage of what your trip really has to offer. Get outdoors and walk! Swimming in the hotel pool, sightseeing, and hiking can be fun and a great workout.


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