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Top Tourist Destinations in the US

Posted on August 24th, 2017 by Paul Hill

Coast to coast, there are thousands of places to visit and see the sights. Whether you want to visit a National Park, spend time in a big city, or something in between, there is something for you. The top tourist destinations are at the top of the list for a reason; however, if you want to avoid too many tourists, go during an off-season, especially when it is a kid-friendly destination. Many of these destinations are must-sees at least once in your life, so start planning today!

Big Cities

Tourist Destinations in the USWhether on the East Coast, West Coast, or Midwest, there’s a big city to visit. San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City are all destinations for a reason; there’s always something to do! With delicious restaurants, beautiful skylines, cool neighborhoods, and more, these are cities that are worth the visit. Spend time deciding what you want to do ahead of time; take in theatre, visit a monument like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, or the Bean, see a museum, and more. Additionally, find out what restaurants you need to go to and make reservations ahead of time!

Relaxing Vacations

If a big city isn’t what you are looking for this time around, and you want a more relaxing vacation, head to the West Coast. Whether you want to visit wine country in Napa Valley, visit a more quaint location like Portland, or want a beach vacation in Honolulu, the West Coast has the tourist destination for you. With bed and breakfasts, local shops and restaurants, ocean views, and more, any of these locations are going to be perfect for your getaway.

Be A Tourist

There are many other places in the US to visit, including Las Vegas, Disney World or Disneyland, any of the many National Parks, the Grand Canyon, and more! While some may not want to visit the typically “touristy” destinations, they also bring in tourists for a reason! Many tourist locations are worth the visit, so fully embrace it and see how much you can enjoy it!

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