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Road Trip Essentials

Posted on May 16th, 2017 by Paul Hill

With summer on the horizon, many are in the midst of planning a road trip. Whether a cross-country excursion or a shorter long-weekend trip, there are certain essentials everyone needs on any great road trip! From the perfect playlist to delicious snacks, make sure you have the following before hitting the road!

For the Car

Road Trip MapThe most important road trip essential is anything that will ensure that your car continues to drive. An emergency kit is a must, which should include jumper cables, tools, and more. Prior to leaving on the road trip, get your car fully serviced and checked for any problems so that you can be confident in your vehicle once hitting the road. For a long trip, sign up for a rewards membership to a gas station chain so that you can redeem gas points! Additional essentials include an organizer that can fit books, headphones, snacks, etc., car vent clips to keep the car smelling nice, and a portable phone charger.

Food and Drinks

When you are on a road trip, you will likely get sick of fast food and going out. Remember to pack lots of snacks, including healthy options such as granola bars, apples, light popcorn, and more, and get a case of water just in case. If you can fit a cooler in the trunk or backseat, it will be a lifesaver! While you are on a road trip, stop at grocery stores when you need to stock up-you can even pick up bread, peanut butter, and jelly to make sandwiches. This will also cut down on cost in the long run.

For Fun

As long as you have a fun group of people, or even just one more, your road trip will be fun. However, it is always smart to stock the car with great music, some car games, and more. For those that are bringing kids, you’ll need to keep them busy with coloring books, road trip games like I Spy, and books, so be sure to stock up! There are many different apps you can download for a road trip, so check those out as well!

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