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Planning Your Next Vacations

Posted on September 21st, 2017 by Paul Hill

Now that it is September, it is time to start planning a winter vacation! If you live further north, once January hits, you are likely itching to go somewhere warm for at least a short while. If not somewhere warm, at least somewhere you can enjoy winter activities, such as skiing or snowboarding! While you should avoid Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve travel dates to save money, anytime after can be a steal. You can travel both domestically or internationally, and there are many events you can attend while traveling to these destinations!

United States

United StatesWithin the US, there are plenty of places you can visit in colder months to fight the winter blues. Places like Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and more are all warm enough to avoid wearing lots of layers while visiting. You can find cheaper lodging during January and February months in many places as well! Before booking a flight, check to see what events are going on, such as art festivals or concerts. If you are looking to enjoy some winter activities, check out places like Fort Collins or Denver, Colorado or Cheyenne, Wyoming. These are less expensive than places such as Aspen or Vail, and include access to National Parks such as Rocky Mountain National Park or Medicine Bow National Forest. Flights will be less expensive flying domestically than internationally, though the winter months may be a great time to fly internationally!


Places such as Portugal, Quebec City, and Southern Ireland are all amazing places to visit in the winter. It may seem counterintuitive to visit places that are still north, but these three, particularly Quebec City and Southern Ireland, have lots to do and gorgeous scenery. Portugal is wonderful, and will be a better option if you want to stay warmer than the other two. Overall, just find somewhere you want to go, these three are just great options!

When planning a vacation, you will want to plan it a couple months in advance, at the very least; more if you are traveling internationally! If any of these places interest you, search flights and start planning!

Courtesy of: USA Today

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