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Packing Tips for Infrequent Flyers

Posted on October 19th, 2020 by Paul Hill

For some people, jet-setting is simply a part of their busy lifestyle. Those who regularly fly know exactly what to pack, how much to pack, and how to pack it—they may even have flight-ready containers for their shampoo and conditioner. 

For those who fly infrequently, planning for a flight can become an overwhelming process. In addition to feeling anxious about leaving the ground, infrequent flyers may struggle to pack their bags—after all, once you’ve left for the airport, there’s no take-backs!

Pack Clothes Fit For Adventure

Before you begin to pack, sketch out a quick list of the places you plan to visit during your trip. Naming the occasions you’re likely to experience will help limit the number of items added to your bag ‘just in case’ only to never be used. Here are some suggestions:

  • Special events: If you’ll be attending a special event while in town, such as a wedding or an interview, the clothes and accessories you need for that event should be the first things you buckle down.
  • Exploring the city: Want to shop, eat, or visit the local zoo? Gather wardrobe staples in neutral colors that can be easily combined to form outfits: jeans, t-shirts, a favorite sweater, and comfortable shoes.
  • Hiking in National Parks: If you’re planning to visit Yosemite, Sequoia, and/or Kings Canyon while staying in Fresno, you’ll want to make sure you have a brimmed hat for sun protection, layers, and shoes fit for rugged terrain.

Keep in mind that guests at the Piccadilly Inn Airport have access to our on-site laundry facilities, so you can always pack lighter and plan to wash and re-wear clothes as needed. 

Keep Track of Small Items

Leaving small items loose in your luggage could be a recipe for disaster. Try to find cases for stray cords, socks, toiletries, and other personal items. You may not need to add a new container to your bag, either; if you’ve packed an extra pair of shoes, an extra bag, or purse, these can provide great opportunities for small-item storage.

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