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Packing for Spring

Posted on April 18th, 2017 by Paul Hill

Anyone who has had to pack for a trip where the weather was changing can attest to how difficult it is. Many places during the spring are like this. From Seattle to New York City, packing for a trip where the weather can be 40 degrees in the morning and 70 degrees in the afternoon is much more difficult than going to a beach for a week! However, there are ways to pack smarter and avoid bringing more clothes than necessary.


During the springtime, layering is your best friend. By packing items such as lightweight, neutral cardigans, a jean jacket, a flannel, etc., you will be able to mix and match items throughout your trip. You will also want to pack clothing that can go under the layering items, including a basic t-shirt, a simple camisole, and more. Pack a favorite lightweight scarf in a solid color or simplistic pattern that can pair with most of the clothes you bring.


Everyone knows that if their feet are cold, the rest of their body will be as well. It can be hard to know what shoes to bring on a trip, because you don’t want to bring too many, but you also don’t want to be stuck with a pair of ballet flats when it is 40 degrees out for brunch. By packing a pair of versatile flats, a pair of slip-on sneakers, and a pair of loafers/oxfords, you will likely be set. Pack a couple of pairs of socks as well to keep your feet warm while sleeping.

In general, as long as you have versatile clothing you can layer, a decent umbrella, and good shoes, you will be set for spring packing! Always check the weather a couple of days before your trip so you can customize what you are packing to fit with the upcoming weather.

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