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Celebrating the Fourth!

Posted on June 22nd, 2017 by Paul Hill

Fourth of July weekend is almost upon us, and since July 4th is on a Tuesday, many have a four-day weekend! Whether you are going somewhere, or plan on having a fun BBQ in your own backyard, there are many things to do for the holiday weekend. Ultimately, a long weekend is the perfect time to unwind and relax, and catch up with friends and family. Get a group together to go somewhere, or head to the nearest lake and rent a boat; no matter what you do, you’ll have a good time when you are with great people!

Staying Nearby

Celebrating the Fourth!The best thing about staying home for the Fourth of July weekend is that you will still know many people around, and can all get together! Additionally, you’ll know the best places to go to watch fireworks, get drinks on a rooftop, and pick up good food. If you are staying home, either plan on hosting a Fourth of July bash at your home, or have a friend throw one! If your home isn’t the best for hosting, talk to your group of friends or family and find the perfect host; then plan on doing some sort of potluck where everyone brings some food and/or drinks!


Many choose to travel over Fourth of July weekend; some go to the same lake every year because family has a cabin, while some go somewhere new! Certain places are great for visiting over Fourth of July weekend, including, but not limited to, San Antonio, Nashville, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Chicago. From fireworks display to relatively inexpensive hotel rates, your group will have a great time visiting any of these cities. If you are going somewhere new, spend time searching the best spots to go for food, drinks, tourist spots, and more! Even if you are going somewhere you go every year, try to do something new, whether it is trying a new restaurant, hosting a dinner party or game night, or something else.

Enjoy your Fourth of July weekend, and if you will be in the Fresno area, book with Piccadilly Inn Airport!

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