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Being a Great Houseguest

Posted on December 13th, 2017 by Paul Hill

When you travel somewhere for the holidays, you may stay with someone instead of staying at a hotel. Whether you stay with your parents or a distant cousin, you want to make sure you are a great houseguest. The holidays are stressful as it is, and if you are staying at the person’s home that is hosting, you will want to be extra gracious. They are providing you a free place to stay, so it is important to remember the three C’s of being a houseguest: common sense, communication, and courtesy.

Common Sense

Delicious Lunch – Piccadilly Inn AirportIf you are a houseguest, there are some things that should be common sense. Clean up your own mess, be thankful, etc. Along with cleaning up your own mess, realize that you are the houseguest during a busy time of the year; do not add to the chaos by being a poor guest. One thing you should do, which some forget, is to bring a gift. A common gift is a bottle of wine, but feel free to be creative with it, especially if your host does not drink. Additionally, realize that during the holidays, and if you are with family, your host does not need to constantly entertain you.


When you stay with family, you can get pretty comfortable rather easily in most cases. However, you want to make sure you do not wear out your welcome. Discuss with your host ahead of time how long you will be staying, if an extra day will put them out, and more. As long as your host knows what to expect, you can (hopefully) avoid family drama! While you discuss your time there, make sure to ask about any ground rules. Do their kids have a peanut allergy? Does their dog have anxiety around new people? Things like this will help you be a great houseguest!


Ultimately, it is about being courteous. Remember to always offer to clean the dishes, cook something for dinner, etc. During the holidays, most people always could use an extra hand wrapping gifts, baking cookies, or something else; offer your services, and if they do not take you up on it, at least you offered! Additionally, remember to bring your own toothpaste, shampoo, and other basics so you do not use up their supplies.

Happy Holidays from Piccadilly Inn Airport!

Courtesy of: Smarter Travel

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