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5 Tricks to Make the Most of Long Layovers

Posted on December 30th, 2020 by Paul Hill

As one of the leading hotels near Fresno airport, many of our guests are frequent travelers. Every year we greet countless professionals and tourists alike. One thing they all have in common is their distaste for long layovers. But with a bit of planning and preparation, layovers can prove to be relaxing interludes on your journey.

The next time you’ve got some time to kill between flights, try these 5 tricks to make the most of your long layover:

Leave the airport

If you have more than a few hours before your next flight, get out and explore the city! Our Fresno City Guide includes a number of ideas for making the most of your stay here. Just 20 minutes from the airport, Woodward Park offers 300 acres of outdoor activities.

For longer layovers, Yosemite National Park only 90 minutes away. Just know that you’ll probably want to spend at least a day there. So book your flights to arrive in the morning and fly out the next day. You can rest your head in one of our beds and be ready to jet set to your next city on the first flight.

Stretch your legs

Not every layover is long enough for a trip to Yosemite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your steps in. Your next flight will give you plenty of time to sit. So while you have a chance, why not amble about? Who knows? You might even find a more comfortable spot to sit if that’s what you’re after.

Grab a bite

Although you might get a snack or even a meal on your next flight, airline food doesn’t win many awards for quality. And while familiar, national chains can be tempting, local restaurants often prove more satisfying. If you have a hankering for something specific, venturing into the city might be your best bet. Just make sure you have enough time to clear security on your return.

Stop by the lounge

Frequent travelers are probably well aware of airport lounges. These secluded safe havens typically require membership via frequency flyer programs or an entrance fee. Once inside, you’ll find an array of free* (included) food and drinks, comfortable seating, and maybe even a shower area. If you spend more than a few minutes at the gate while traveling, airport lounges are a must.

Charge up

Laptops, tablets, and phones have become staples of air travel. They let you catch up on your favorite shows, finish that report for work, or level up in your game of choice. Although more and more planes include electrical outlets to help juice up your electronics, they’re not yet universal. So taking the time to charge your electronics during a layover can be a lifesaver.

Make sure to pack the appropriate chargers in your carry-on bag. And if you have the room, throw in a power strip too. Even in airports, electrical outlets can be hard to come by. Packing a power strip makes it easy to grab a plug even if they’re all in use. Plus, your fellow travelers are sure to appreciate your foresight.

Long layovers don’t have to be such a drag. A break from daily life can actually be a little treat. Just make sure to plan accordingly. And if you’re in Fresno, you’re always welcome to stop by the Piccadilly Inn for a more comfortable way to pass the time.

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