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2018 Travel Trends

Posted on January 24th, 2018 by Paul Hill

Now that the holidays have died down, and everyone has some more time on their hands, planning a trip for 2018 should be on your to-do list! Everyone needs to enjoy some down time, even if it is a long weekend vacation instead of a long, far away trip. Travel trends change almost as often as fashion trends, so it is important to be knowledgeable on how to take advantage of these trends to save you money, and to make the most of your vacation!

The Great Outdoors

Full Camping AdventureMore and more are opting for an active vacation, featuring the great outdoors. Sustainable tourism, visits to National Parks, and even “glamping” are becoming more popular, and in 2018, are expected to come out on top. One reason for this is that traveling is becoming more expensive; choosing a trip to a National Park where you can camp, enjoy a day trip you can drive to, or including a National Park over a theme park are all ways to save money. As for “glamping”, this is a great way to still enjoy all the amenities of a hotel, but enjoy it while camping! Perfect for a bachelorette party or a family that is hesitant about a full camping adventure, glamping is becoming more of the norm.

Getting Here to There

As air travel continues to rise in cost, families and individuals are finding different ways to travel, often including it in the fun of the trip. Train trips are great for those that will be traveling through mountains, or for those that don’t mind a full day of travel for a lower cost. Cruises that have added many amenities, or river cruises (particularly in Europe!), also are on the rise in the travel industry.

Other trends include wellness vacations, multi-generational vacations, extreme vacations, and more.

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